Vertical Edge Media is a company specializing in video production with a strong focus on creating captivating narratives for all people, and brands looking to elevate their video presence.

Founded by Video Producer, Chris Hall,  with the goal of simplifying intricate ideas through video, the company has brought together a team of skilled writers, directors, shooters, stylists, and editors. The team has independently worked on various projects for renowned brands such as McDonald's, Forty Winks, San Churros, NAB, and others.

At our company, we believe in making video production enjoyable. Our services extend across all of Australia, and we pride ourselves on being the ultimate solution for consistent video content creation. As video enthusiasts, we approach every project as a collaborative effort, integrating our team with yours to offer a complete experience. We cater to B2B & Corporate Communications, Social Media Content, TV Commercials, Product Videos, and more.